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0,325W Audio Amplifier -  The LM386 is a power amplifier designed for use in low voltage consumer applications. The gain is internally set to 20 to keep external part count low, but the addition of an external resistor and capacitor....(schematic added 0707)7)
1 In/4 Out Audiodistribution Amplifier  -  schematic only, no description included
1 Watt 2.3 GHz RF Amplifier using a MRF2001 -  (circuit / schematic added 6/03)
1 Watt 2.45 GHz Linear Amplifier -  (electronic circuit added 7/03)
1.5 Volt Amplified Ear -  Useful to listen in faint sounds1.5-Volt Battery operation, includes electret microphone preAmplifier which runs from1.5-Volt DC and can directly drive32 Ohms impedance mini-earphones (added 9/04)
1.5w 12v audio amplifier -  Schematic only, no circuit description
10 Watt Amplifier -  This is an image Schematic. No Description available. (design added 01/2010)

10 Watt Audio Amplifier -  TA 10-W Design giving subjectively better results than class B transistor amplifiers   (electronic design added 06/07)
10 Watt Mini Audio Amplifier -  ….(Circuit design added 03/08)

100 W Audio Amplifier -  During my free time, I have acquired habilities with electronics. Music also being one of my hobbies, I decided to use my electronic knowledge to build an audio amplifier. My amplifier is not the most powerful that exists, but it outputs a nice quality of sound. Also, it has succesfully passed the "party test". This means it has played as loud as possible without distortion for almost 6 hours, in a 3 ohms load...[Raphaël Assénat]
100 Watt Amp Circuit (Rod Elliott) -  Guitar amplifiers are always an interesting challenge. The tone controls, gain and overload characteristics are very individual, and the ideal combination varies from one guitarist to the next, and from one guitar to the next. There is no amp that satisfies everyone's requirements, and this offering is not expected to be an exception.... (design added 01/2010)
100 Watt RMS Amplifier -  This is a100-Watt basic power amp that was designed to be (relatively) easy to build at a reasonable cost. It has better performance (read: musical quality) than  standard STK module amps that are used in practically every mass market ….(added 4/02)
100W Audio Amplifier -  This is an exceptionally well designed amplifier, with a lot of power reserve, high fidelity, low distortion, good S/N ratio, high sensitivity, low consumption and full protection….(electronic design added 6/07)
100W FM AmplifIER -  This Power amplifier is equipped with a bipolar transistor,the famous MRF317 As lots of FM amplifier application ,the power transistor is in a C class bias. All the impedance networks (Input & Output) have been determined by using the…(Circuit design added 06/07/08) [Michel P's website]
100W Guitar Amplifier -  (project / circuit added 9/06)
100W HiFi MOSFET Amp -  The neat thing about the series 5000 is that it was built around new (at the time) Hitachi lateral power MOSFETs. Most power MOSFETs (VMOS, trenchFETs, HexFETs etc) use a vertical structure, where the current flows vertically.  This has the…(Circuit design added 05/08)
10-14W Class A Amplifier -  I have built this amplifier and it does sound good. It requires a preamp as it hasn't got much gain. It requires big heat sinks and a large transformer and a great power supply and careful wiring, but in the end it is extremely simple and it sounds very good. The zener diode rejects any ripple coming from the power supply, But you still only want a ripple of 10mV max. The ripple reaching the input is amplified, so the zener gets rid of that, but whatever ripple there is will still reach the power stage. ….(electronic schematic added 11/08)
10w 12v audio amplifier -  Schematic only, no circuit description
10W Audio Amplifier with Bass-Boost -  High Quality, very simple design No need for a preAmplifier  (added 3/05)
10W Mini Audio Amplifier Circuit -  You can use this powerfull amplifier in any small audio project. It is very small (6.5 x 4.5 cm).It outputs 10W and uses a 9V battery….(Circuit design added 08/08)
15 Watt Amplifier (Sergio García de Alba Garcin) -  A 15 watt amplifier made using discrete components by Sergio García de Alba Garcin from Guadalajara, Mexico.  (Circuit design added 08/08/08)
150W MP3 Car Audio Amplifier -  Here, it is a diagramm of an active loudspeaker. The LF353 of, National Semiconductor, is going to split audio signal into three bands. SANYO'S LA47536 is going to amplify these signals. In stereo mode, we shall have the action of eight high speakers who are going to create a very important sound pressure... [Circuit designed by Youssef Bouterfes]
16 Watt Amplifier -  this circuit provides 16 watts of amplification. it is built using two LM383 power audio amplifiers. use suitable heat sinks with the ic's. ….(circuit / schematic added 6/03)
18 Watt Audio Amplifier -  Can be directly connected to CD players, tuners and tape recorders. Do not exceed 23 + 23V supply. Q3 and Q4 must be mounted on heatsink. D1 must be in thermal contact with Q1. Quiescent current (best measured with an Avo-meter in series with Q3 Emitter) is not....(electronic circuit added 6/07)
5,000W ultra-light, high-power Amplifier, without switching-mode power supply -  This circuit is of an 2x 2,500W RMS stereo amplifier, super-light and without switching-mode power supply. The circuit just shows a channel, and the power supply that it assists to the two channels. The audio circuit should be duplicated, but the power supply assists to the two channels without problems....(circuit / schematic added 09/08)


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